Which Edition of Visual Studio 2008 to Install on Team Foundation Build 2008?

Which Edition of Visual Studio 2008 to Install on Team Foundation Build 2008?

Posted by richard | December 11, 2008 | Team Build, Visual Studio 2008

I finally took the time to put together a chart showing which edition of Visual Studio needs to be installed on the Team Build server to achieve specific features. As you can see, Team Suite has you covered. As for the question of whether or not you need to purchase an additional copy of Visual Studio for this – that question has been answered on Jeff Beehler’s blog as well as in the VSTS 2008 Licensing White Paper.


I might also add that Brian Randall mentioned that you can automate the validation of Architect Edition Deployment Diagrams on the Team Build server if you install that edition; but, being that he’s the only guy on the planet to probably do that, I didn’t think it was worth mentioning.

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