Bruce Campbell in Minneapolis!

A couple weeks ago I was in Minneapolis on a gig. Planning to fly out Saturday morning, I looked for something to do Friday night. I found this ad in the local paper:

Bruce Campbell

So I ran down and bought a ticket to the Friday 9:40 show. I’m a big fan of Bruce Campbell, and his ever “B” movies. In fact, a little know piece of trivia is that I named my malamute “Brisco” after Brisco County Junior. So, in addition to enjoying the My Name is Bruce movie – which was about Bruce Campbell playing an horror-movie actor who gets asked to fit a real-life zombie. Ya, I know.

After the movie, Bruce appeared, joked a bit, and then started answering questions. I asked about the status of Bubba Nosferatu, and he said that he wasn’t going to have any part in it, but that Paul Giamatti and Ron Perlman were involved. Here’s a couple of (poor quality) photos of Bruce at the theater and an Apple MOV file (43mb) of him answering some questions (video bad, sound good).

Bruce1 Bruce2
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