Posted by | May 9, 2014
Develop.Idaho 2014 Videos Published

Updated 20 May: Added presentations (but no videos) from the "Business of Software" track. It took a few extra days to get these produced and published, but they are now...

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Posted by | March 2, 2011
Links from my Boise Code Camp 2011 talks

Here is a quick post with the materials and links from last weekend at the Boise Code Camp. Scrum Workshop (with Adam Cogan) Official Scrum Guide Mike Cohn’s articles on...

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Posted by | February 16, 2011
Montreal .NET Community presentation

I’d like to say thank you to the community and the coordinators of the Montreal .NET Community for hosting the event last night. I enjoyed talking about my two favorite...

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Posted by | September 18, 2010
Palouse Code Camp 2010 – Date Change

For those of you who were planning on attending the Palouse Code Camp at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington this weekend, the date has changed! According to their website,...

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Posted by | August 6, 2010
Friends of the ‘Turtle

Accentient is pleased to announce that we are officially a friend of the Urban Turtle. Accentient is both an Urban Turtle "Select Partner", which is a highly recognized and trusted...

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Posted by | May 12, 2010
Visual Studio 2010 ALM Guidance from the Rangers

Now that Visual Studio 2010 has launched, teams are discovering just how much capability is included within those .iso files. MSDN does a good job of explaining what the buttons...

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Posted by | March 30, 2010
Palouse Code Camp

I had the honor of meeting a couple of dedicated software developers from "up North" at the Boise Code Camp this last weekend. They’ve been coming to our ‘camp for...

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Posted by | March 29, 2010
Boise Code Camp 2010 Rocked!

I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out with my fellow developers, speakers, and hungry-minds at the Boise Code Camp. Here are a few photos and a small...

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Posted by | March 16, 2010
Group photo from MVP Summit

Here’s a group photo of many of the Visual Studio ALM MVPs and some Visual Studio Product Group people at the 2010 MVP Summit a few weeks ago.  The photo...

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Posted by | December 17, 2009
Lower Alabama .NET User Group

I was in Mobile Alabama for the week talking Team System and got invited to the Lower Alabama .NET User Group (LANUG) to speak on VS 2010 and TDD. This...

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