VSTS / Project Server integration

One of the main sticking points with many people is the lack of integration between Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and Microsoft Project Server.  Sure, you can indirectly connect the two ...

Team System MSDN Public Chat

Don’t miss these chats!  They’re great for finding out what the latest info is, and how to solve some of your knotties problems! Team System MSDN Public Chat Visual Studio Team Editi...

Member and Role Management articles at MSDN

Don’t miss the latest articles on MSDN covering one of the coolest new ASP.NET 2.0 features:  Member and Role Management. Peter Kellner, a friend of Rich and myself, from California wrote ...

Team System Training in NYC

Rich just conducted a 3 day Team System training course for CBS in New York City.  Congratulations! 

Microsoft”s site comparing J2EE to .NET

Both sides have had sites like this over the years, but Microsoft finally put together a comprehensive site with research, case studies, code samples, and other resources.