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Updated 16 Sep, 2015 to freshen up the links

A few weeks ago I ran a free, half-day Agile software requirements workshop in Boise. There were over 100 attendees and we had good conversations about requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria, behavior driven development, estimation, and story mapping.


Story mapping is a practice created by Jeff Patton that converts a flat Product Backlog into a picture. The map helps to group ideas, manage large stories, as well as plan, estimate and schedule a Sprint. Most importantly, it’s an information radiator that helps people understand the big picture and road map.

The question came up during the workshop if there were any software tools available for creating user story maps. I didn’t know of any, but do now …





Cardboard Jeremy Lightsmith & Jeff Patton Web $
Silver Stories Silver Stripe Software Web $$
Speclog TechTalk Microsoft TFS, JIRA $$
Story Map for JIRA JIRA 5.0 – 6.0.8 $
Story Map App Charles Ferentchak Rally Free
Story Mapper Carbon Five Pivotal Tracker Free
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2 thoughts on “Story Mapping Software

  1. At Salience, we are very found of Story Mapping for Product Management purpose. We have added some project management features to Story Mapping and have built FeatureMap
    Try it, it’s free and would love to have feedback from story mapping addicts.

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